Meet Our People

At EmblemHealth you will enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career in a friendly atmosphere with opportunities for both professional development and career advancement.

We invite you to read what our employees have to say about what it's like to work here.


Dr. Amanda – Pharmacist

I became a pharmacist to help make people feel better, and every day at EmblemHealth I have a new opportunity to serve patients and improve their health. EmblemHealth provides the tools and resources I need to make an impact on members' lives and provide them with quality health care. Pharmacists can also take advantage of career opportunities and get involved in various health care projects – all aimed at providing the best service to our members.


Dylan – Sr. Actuary

I enjoy working in the health care industry because it is constantly changing and offering new challenges. This translates to new opportunities and growth for EmblemHealth. In my role, I have the opportunity to investigate, identify and solve financial issues before and after they arise. Knowing that my actions have an impact is very gratifying and motivates me to innovate continually. The respect, integrity, honesty and the professionalism of the team at EmblemHealth is the reason I am still here after nine years.

Dera – Customer Service Specialist

Customer Service
As a Customer Service Specialist, I educate providers about the various health benefits and resources available to our members so that they can help them stay healthy, get well and live better. It has been a rewarding experience to be a part of the EmblemHealth team. Not only have I learned an array of new skills, but I have gained knowledge and experience that will benefit me as I continue grow with the company.

Fazeena – Billing & Enrollment Representative

At EmblemHealth, I innovate by updating the member coverage in a timely manner, so it doesn't delay them from receiving medical attention when they need it most. Quite often, the group administrator from the city agencies will send me an email after I updated a subscriber file saying "You are the best." This makes me proud to be part of our Membership team and keeps me going that extra mile to help our members who are my priority.

Maritza – Senior Business System Coordinator

Every day at EmblemHealth is unique. I look forward to helping and assisting my customers, as well as my colleagues. I know my support makes a difference to the individuals I'm working with and the organization they represent. I feel a profound sense of accomplishment knowing that my contributions make a positive impact. Now, almost 17 years later, I'm part of the management team for the Retiree Drug Subsidy Program, working with Plan Sponsors and members from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on a daily basis.

Kimberly – Healthcare Solutions Specialist

EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care – Chinatown
One thing I love about working at EmblemHealth is our dedication to our communities and members. I'm proud of the incentives we create to encourage healthier living. It's important to emphasize to members that health insurance is more than just seeking immediate medical attention - it's about taking advantage of all the services we offer to stay healthy. As an EmblemHealth employee, I know how challenging and confusing health care can be, but I believe that knowledge + actions = power. So I always make sure to keep up with the latest updates on health care. That way, I am able to share that information with members and help them.


Frank – Claims Examiner

Being a part of the EmblemHealth team means a great deal to me. As with any successful team, you know that your teammates have your back and I know that EmblemHealth has my back. For example, I was struggling in a specific area of my role, so my manager reached out and offered additional training until I became fully proficient. Being an EmblemHealth employee is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I know that the company not only cares about our members, they care about their employees. This is what care feels like.

Irene – Benefits Coordination Recovery Center Supervisor

Every day, I look forward to working with my team to do the best work possible, while fostering a positive, collaborative work environment. A positive attitude and work environment help all of us work better and feel better about the work that we do. That translates to great customer service. Also, it's refreshing to know that EmblemHealth promotes and retains its talent. We can search and apply for positions anywhere in the company. You can also set up a development plan to enhance your skills. This is a great way to learn, grow and advance your career at EmblemHealth.

Greer – Senior Care Specialist

Medical Management
As a Senior Care Specialist, I wear many hats. However, my primary responsibility is supporting the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefit. I am very passionate about this benefit and enjoy providing clarity and support to members. EmblemHealth has afforded me opportunities that have enhanced my knowledge of medical claims processes, most specifically for DME. I genuinely enjoy being a DME subject matter expert, so much that in my 20 years at EmblemHealth, 12 of those years have been focused on the DME benefit.

Jessica – Dental Assistant

What I look forward to most on any given day is knowing that I will have learned something new. Whether it's the day-to-day operations or working closely with the doctors and patients, my learning experience is constantly evolving. And because EmblemHealth is a large company, there are many areas where you can learn and grow. We know that if you are developing yourself, you are moving the company forward. I continually broaden my areas of knowledge through experience and education – both in and outside of the dental field – because there is always a possibility for advancement.