Sharon F.

Although I am an American Born Chinese (ABC) and grew up in New Jersey, many have told me I am not a typical ABC because I am able to speak, read, and write Chinese. When I pursued social work, I knew I wanted to be able to serve the Chinese population with my language skills and cultural understanding. Chinatown is the area of NYC I am most familiar with, having spent many hours of my childhood here. Because of this my goal became to work in this community, to serve the people of this community. I have had more than 4 years working in this community and am looking forward to many more helping you here in the Chinatown Neighborhood Care!

  • Motto: Every act of kindness goes a long way.
  • I'm passionate about: Making others happy.
  • I'm a pro at: Crafts – always coming up with many new ideas!
  • I speak: Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • You'd be surprised that: I am a big sports fan, but I'm not good at any sports.
  • My best health habit: Eat lots of fruits/vegetables and drink home cooked soup.