Frequently Asked Questions

Is EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care just for EmblemHealth members?
No, everyone is welcome to use the resources available at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care. Stop in for tips on healthy living, find out about classes and more!
How much does EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care charge?
There is no charge for services provided at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care. And it’s not just for EmblemHealth members – we welcome everyone no matter what kind of insurance you have.
Does EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care take the place of seeing my doctor?
No, your doctor's care is vital. He or she provides the care you need to stay healthy and cares for you when you're sick. You should continue to have regular visits and follow the treatment recommended by your doctor. Our aim is to enhance what your doctor does and make it easier for you to take action on what he or she tells you. In addition to answering questions about your benefits and assisting you with administrative issues, our role is to help you better understand your condition and follow your doctor's instructions.
Where is EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care located?
Our locations are 87 Bowery in Chinatown, 215 W. 125th Street in Harlem, 206-20 Linden Blvd. in Cambria Heights, Queens and 546 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.