Behavioral Health

ValueOptions manages behavioral health services for members served by Emblem Behavioral Health Services Program (for plans underwritten by GHI HMO, HIP and HIPIC or administered by VHMS) and Behavioral Management Program (for plans underwritten by GHI).

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Diagnosis Based

Physician Reference: Antidepressant Dosing Guidelines

Given the many choices of antidepressant medication available, and because proper dosing is critical to relief from symptoms for your patients, we have collaborated with ValueOptions® to develop Physician Reference: Antidepressant Dosing Guidelines. This reference guide contains optimal dosing for a wide variety of antidepressants.* While it should prove to be a valuable resource for you, it is not a replacement for your clinical judgment.

We encourage you to consult this guide when prescribing antidepressants. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the Quality Management department at 1-888-447-5451.

* Not all drugs listed are covered by all pharmacy benefit programs, so coverage is not guaranteed. It is recommended that you confirm coverage for each patient. These are the current dosing guidelines in effect as of October 1, 2013. Dosing guidelines are subject to change.

Program Based

Treatment Based