Why Open EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care?

We know health care can be confusing. Sometimes you just need to sit and chat with a real person, ask questions and get reliable information, or solve a problem. That's why we're proud to bring you EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care — a unique approach to solving the challenges of health care.

You Came To the Right Place

You've got questions and that's OK. Our warm and welcoming staff will treat you with respect and make every effort to answer them on the spot.

We're Problem Solvers

Our experts can help you make the most of your benefits, look for ways to lower out-of-pocket costs, resolve billing issues, find a doctor who meets your needs, assist you in joining health and wellness programs, connect you to community support and find a health plan that's right for you — and more. Best of all, Neighborhood Care services are available at no cost to you.

Care You Can Count On

You can sit and discuss key health care issues with our senior health care solutions specialists and pharmacists. They can answer your questions, discuss referrals, provide guidance on preventive care and explain treatment options.

Smiles Guaranteed

We take health care seriously, but we also know that laughter can be good medicine. To get healthy and have fun at the same time, use our Xbox Kinect fitness station and test your health knowledge with our interactive technology.

Open to Everybody

We welcome all members of the community to take a tour of EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care and get to know your new neighbor. Feel free to speak with one of our professionals and learn how we can help you.