Our Legacy of Care

Way back when, working New Yorkers had access to affordable health care through nonprofits GHI and HIP, now EmblemHealth. Today EmblemHealth is still innovating, setting a national standard with Neighborhood Care in New York communities. EmblemHealth has been making a difference in the lives of New York families for over 75 years.

More stories of care

The Marrero Family

Michael Marrero is an active guy with a family to look out for. When he joined the New York City Sanitation Dept., he made the same health care decision his dad did back in the 1960s: he chose HIP, now EmblemHealth.

Michael's Story of Care

Inem Akpan

Growing up with HIP, now EmblemHealth, Inem Akpan understood the importance of access to affordable, quality health care.

Inem's Story of Care