April 2012
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Putting Members on the PATH to Better Health
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Putting Members on the PATH to
Better Health

Chances are you have clients with group members who have a chronic condition such as coronary artery disease or diabetes. Many EmblemHealth members have a health condition that's ongoing or recurring. For them, properly managing it can mean taking on a long list of responsibilities, including:

  • Understanding the condition's symptoms and risks
  • Undergoing the right treatments
  • Eating the right foods
  • Managing multiple doctor visits and medications

Managing a chronic condition can be challenging; for some, it can be overwhelming. That's why EmblemHealth offers eligible members support and education free of charge through PATH (Positive Actions Toward Health) health management programs. These programs complement the care practitioners provide, and help members better understand their condition so they can meet their health goals.

Whether it's for help managing COPD, depression, diabetes, heart or kidney disease, or a rare chronic condition, members can get one-on-one phone support from a health coach, educational resources and help finding community services.

No one should ever be defined by the illness they have. EmblemHealth's PATH programs can help your clients' group members stay healthy, get well faster and live better with chronic illness. Please visit our Web site to learn more about our PATH programs.


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