July 2012
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Promoting Healthy Eating in Harlem

Promoting Healthy Eating in Harlem

As part of our ongoing effort to encourage healthy eating and fight childhood obesity in the communities we serve, we sponsored Teen Battle ChefT in Harlem this past spring.

Teen Battle Chef is an eight-week program designed to bring together teens and seniors to share food traditions, learn about nutrition and even practice basic culinary techniques. The program is created by Family Cook Productions and is co-sponsored with Metro Manhattan Chapter of the Links.

Teen Battle Chefs Show Their Skills
On June 6, Teen Battle Chef culminated in "Teen Battle Chef LIVE," where a panel of celebrity chefs (Roblé Ali, Marcus Samuelsson and Walter Hinds) selected the tastiest, healthiest meal prepared by two teams made up of 12 Harlem high school students and led by senior citizens.

The race against the clock for the title of Teen Battle Chef — emceed by TV personality Star Jones (shown above left with former First Lady of New York State, Michelle Paige Paterson) — took place before an audience at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem.

Fighting Teen Obesity
With a third of public high school students in east and central Harlem either overweight or obese, we will continue to sponsor programs aimed at fighting childhood obesity and promoting wellness through good nutrition and healthy eating.


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