July 2012
  Health Care Reform Update
Now On Our Mobile App — Image of Temporary ID Card

  Honoring Heroes of Labor

  Promoting Healthy Eating in Harlem

Now on Our Mobile App —
Image of Temporary ID Card

Our mobile Web site is one more way that we're simplifying access to health care and improving the customer experience for your clients.

Thanks to enhancements to www.emblemhealth.com for mobile phones, your clients and their group members in all plans offered by EmblemHealth companies* can now view a digital version of their temporary ID cards, as well as their copays and deductibles, on their Web-enabled smartphones.This feature will allow members who have lost their card to view and e-mail the digital card in advance of a doctor visit or present it at the doctor's office.

This added capability builds on the popular Find a Doctor feature introduced in January 2011. The mobile doctor search application makes it easy for your clients' group members to find their doctor's location using built-in GPS searching, mapping, driving directions and one-touch calling options. The mobile application is supported on all iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry devices.


*Underwritten by Group Health Incorporated ("GHI"), HIP Health Plan of New York ("HIP") and HIP Insurance Company of New York ("HIPIC")


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