JULY 2012 Volume I -- Issue 5  
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Health Care Reform Update

Last month's Supreme Court ruling upholding the individual mandate and related insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means that the rules governing the New York market are effectively unchanged from where they were prior to the decision.

Complying with the ACA
EmblemHealth will continue to comply with all provisions of the ACA. In keeping with our 75-year legacy to make quality health care available to all New Yorkers, we have already implemented key mandates of health care reform, including extending coverage of dependents up to age 26 and eliminating cost-sharing for in-network preventive care. In August 2012, we will be expanding access to preventive services for women's wellness. We are committed to leading the market with an integrated delivery system that promotes prevention and wellness, helps patients and physicians manage chronic disease and rewards quality.

We'll keep you posted
The next 18 months will present many challenges as New York moves forward with ACA implementation and seeks to put in place significant changes to its individual and small group markets. We will continue to keep you informed of further developments in the coming months.


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