Kaiser Poll Shows Confusion on Health Reform

In an April 2013 phone survey with 1,203 US adults, the Kaiser Family Foundation found widespread confusion about federal health care reform. Of those surveyed:

  • 42 percent were unaware the Affordable Care Act is still law. Some thought it had been repealed or overturned by the Supreme Court, and overall they could not say for certain it was still in place.
  • Nearly 50 percent said they know too little about health reform to understand how it will affect them and their families. They said they will get their information about health reform from friends and family, newspapers, radio and online news sources, and cable TV news.
  • 72 percent said they had not seen or heard ads about health reform in the past 30 days. Yet, the individual mandate, which requires most Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty, will take effect January 1, 2014.

With enrollment in the state and federal Exchanges starting October 1, 2013, consumers can expect to start hearing more about the new health care law.



Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: April 2013.

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