March 2012
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Online Premium Payment for Small Groups

Your clients can now pay their premiums quickly and securely, track payments and view past invoices — all with just a few clicks. EmblemHealth's new e-payment system, presented in partnership with JP Morgan Chase, is now available to small groups with EmblemHealth-branded or GHI-branded plans.

The system is easy to use. Your clients register and sign in to the group portal on From their home page, they simply click "Pay My Bill." They can choose to make a single payment or set up a series of payments. They can also create a payment profile that routes electronic payments through the group's bank account. Eligible groups can use the e-payment system as long as their accounts are paid to date.

This customer-friendly payment option includes these benefits:

  • A review window to check over the payment request before it's authorized
  • Payments credited to a group's balance due within two business days of submission
  • No extra fees for e-payments made through a bank account
  • No postage costs, delays or overnight mail expenses

Groups received a note about this new service with their February invoice. Feel free to encourage your clients to pay their premiums online.


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