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It's in the Details: A Personalized Enrollment Experience for Groups

Putting our customers — and your clients — at the center of everything we do is a priority for us at EmblemHealth. By carefully considering the needs of our members, we can make sure they have a positive experience with our services.

Customized Enrollment Materials

One way we’re doing this is by creating customized enrollment materials for individuals who receive their health benefits through their employers. These kits introduce our members to the kind of personalized attention they will get from us at every touch point. For employees who have a choice of multiple carriers, these kits stand apart from the rest and can be the deciding factor for selecting an EmblemHealth plan.

Personalized Brochures

Our enrollment materials are customized for each client by containing just the right documents the employee needs to get started on using their EmblemHealth plan. The most impressive feature of the kit is the personalized Making the Most of Your Health Plan brochure. It features the group's name on the brochure cover; a greeting letter individually tailored to the group, whether it's new or renewing; the specific benefit options their employer has selected; help finding doctors; tips on getting the most out of their plan; and more.

Making the enrollment process easier and more personalized for our customers is one of many ways EmblemHealth is helping them get the most out of their health coverage, which can translate into renewals and referrals.


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