MAY 2012
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  Broker Incentive Offered for NY Bridge Plan Enrollment
  Women's Wellness Services — Without Cost-Sharing
New Shared Administrative Advantage Program for Self-Insured Groups
  Serving NYC's Chinese Community

EmblemHealth Offers New Shared Administrative Advantage Program for
Self-Insured Groups

With health care costs rising steadily, self-insured multiemployer Funds are striving to control costs while still providing their members with access to quality health care. The new EmblemHealth Shared Administrative Advantage (SAA) program combines the administrative ease of an ASO with the extensive provider network and deep discounts EmblemHealth is known for, in a program that can be custom-tailored to each Fund's unique needs.

We've built and maintained a large network of quality doctors and other health care practitioners, as well as top hospitals throughout the New York region. These long-standing relationships have enabled us to negotiate some of the most attractive discounts in the industry, which we pass on to your clients' members.

Our provider network offers access to quality doctors in private practice and multispecialty physician group practices that provide a broad range of medical services. Many of these doctors are also affiliated with leading acute care hospitals, so your clients' members can get the care they need close to where they live and work. Our SAA program also offers access to out-of-area care, with providers across all 50 states.

Equally important, EmblemHealth's operational expertise means your clients can feel confident that their plan is well-administered. We adjudicate claims for network practitioners, and our consistent claims pricing and seamless claim payments mean that our network doctors can focus on what's most important: providing quality care.

To see if the EmblemHealth SAA might be the right program for your clients, please see this brochure for details.


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