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Staying Healthy and Fit at Work

Chances are, when you’re not out with clients, you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk. While sitting may seem like the most practical way to work, it may not be so good for you.

Sitting Can Be Harmful to
Your Health!

The dangers of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are widely recognized. But did you know that being seated for long periods may actually be harmful to your health? It's true. In fact, new research shows that prolonged sitting can lead to less noticeable but more dangerous problems, including:

  • Higher levels of fat in the blood.
  • A higher risk of heart disease.
  • Lower levels of good cholesterol.

Quick, Easy Relief for
the Deskbound

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to get physical (and mental) relief from being deskbound. Best of all, you can incorporate these activities into your work day, seamlessly:

  • Stand at your desk when on the phone, especially during conference calls.
  • Take a flight of stairs to your next meeting.
  • Hydrate! Walk to the water cooler.
  • Stretch! Our partners at ValueOptions offer the following simple exercises you can do at your desk.

Get Up and Move!

There are other ways you can stay active at work. Take a walk during lunch hour. Go for a stroll around the office. It also helps to be aware of how long you’ve been sitting and to try and increase the amount you move around.

Take these small steps, and see what a big impact they can have on your health!


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