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Better Outcomes, Reduced Costs
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Better Outcomes, Reduced Costs

Delivering quality care with better outcomes and reducing costs for your clients is a top priority at EmblemHealth. One way we're doing this is by helping smaller primary care practices transition to Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) status. Under the PCMH model, patients actively participate in their own care, and treatment is coordinated through a primary care physician.

Research Proves Effectiveness of the PCMH Model
In a major study published in the September 2012 Journal of General Internal Medicine, EmblemHealth and researchers at the University of Connecticut found that smaller primary care practices (10 or fewer doctors) can make a rapid and sustained transition to PCMH status when provided with external support, including practice redesign, care management and payment reform. The 18-month study showed that small practices receiving EmblemHealth support improved significantly on eight of the NCQA's (National Committee for Quality Assurance) nine standards for medical homes.

We're confident that this increasingly popular delivery system innovation will lead to safer, higher quality care, more empowered patients and a renewal of the patient-provider relationship.



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