JUNE 2012
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Healthy Meals
for Needy
New Yorkers

Healthy Meals for Needy New Yorkers

As part of our ongoing community outreach efforts in New York City, we're working to promote good health through healthy eating for needy New Yorkers throughout the city.

Here are some ways EmblemHealth has partnered with neighborhood organizations to put a healthy meal within the reach of New Yorkers who otherwise may not get one:

  • We sponsor Harvest Home Farmer's Markets, increasing access of local, farm-fresh produce to low-income neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.
  • We've partnered with City Harvest, which gives food to community programs that feed impoverished New Yorkers. We also help them distribute food in Washington Heights.
  • For Citymeals-on-Wheels, we help support the provision of weekend meals to homebound senior citizens in Flushing and Cambria Heights who are unable to prepare their own meals. This program helps them stay healthy and independent in their homes.

Look for us throughout the year to continue helping New Yorkers stay healthy and live better as we keep building and maintaining relationships in the communities we serve.


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