JUNE 2012 Volume I -- Issue 4  
  Health Reform Explained
  New Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Provider
  Healthy Meals for Needy New Yorkers

Changes to Our
Small Group Formulary

As we informed you this past April in a broker news flash, beginning June 1, 2012, your small group clients, including sole proprietors and GHI HMO groups, will see changes to their drug formulary. Some prescription drugs were removed from the formulary and have become non-preferred. These drugs now require step therapy or prior authorization, or have quantity level limits.

We notified your clients and their affected group members of these changes in mid-April in a mailing, which included a letter, FAQ and the updated formulary. We also mailed a second notification letter in mid-May.

The changes to the formulary will only affect your small group clients' employees and their dependents if they are taking any of the prescription drugs listed in the letter we mailed them. Since non-preferred drugs have higher out-of-pocket costs, we encourage members affected by the updates to speak with their doctor about comparable prescription drugs that may help them save money.


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