Information about our proposed 2019 rates

New York State law requires all insurers and HMOs like EmblemHealth to provide their members and customers with notices that detail proposed rate increases for the coming year.

Starting on June 4, 2018, we are releasing written notice to our Small Group and Individual plan members and customers letting them know of our rate proposals for plans that will be renewed in 2019.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) may approve, modify or deny the proposed adjustments. We will notify all impacted subscribers and groups of their final, approved rate at least 60 days before their renewal date.

Contact us or DFS for additional information. You may also submit your comments to DFS within 30 days of the date printed on the letter you received. Please see the letter for more information on how to submit your comments or questions.

To find out more about our rate filings, please refer to the narratives listed below for your plan type.

2019 HIP Individual Rate Narrative

EmblemHealth Platinum, EmblemHealth Gold, EmblemHealth Silver, EmblemHealth Silver Value, EmblemHealth Bronze, and EmblemHealth Basic

2019 HIP Small Group Rate Narrative

EmblemHealth HMO (15/35), EmblemHealth HMO (40/60), EmblemHealth Gold Open Access, EmblemHealth Silver Value, EmblemHealth Bronze Value, Healthy New York, and EmblemHealth Bronze HSA