Improving Family Caregivers Health and Wellness

Care for the Family Caregiver

When you provide care to a loved one, you offer a priceless and deeply rewarding gift. However, caregiving can also be physically, emotionally and financially draining.

Who cares for family caregivers? EmblemHealth understands that caregivers are often "Silent Patients" and are more vulnerable to health conditions. Consider:

  • In multiple studies and surveys, unpaid caregivers report poor health. They also say that their own health has become worse since becoming a caregiver
  • Depression, anxiety and heart disease have been found to occur at higher rates among caregivers.

Take care of your own health and well-being. You can do this by taking steps to:

  • Visit our Facebook Page for ideas, information and connections that can make your role easier.
  • Join a support group or take part in family, community and spiritual activities.
  • Get regular checkups and eat a healthy, sensible diet.
  • Find time for physical activity. Even a short daily walk can help you maintain your physical health, lower your risk for certain disease and improve your mood.
  • Ask for help! Remember, you are not alone. Identify ways to take time away from your caregiving duties and seek help whenever you need it. It will also help you maintain your own personal health and well-being.

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