Wellness Program

What is Wellness Program? For eligible members, Wellness Program is available as part of your health benefits at no additional cost to you. The program includes wellness coaching by telephone or online. Think of it as having your own personal trainer - someone who can help you live a healthier life. Coaching is proven to increase the odds that you will set and achieve your goals to better living.

The Wellness Program combines coaching with a health assessment tool that provides a snapshot of your health status and your health risks. It includes tools that can help you stay on track and measure your progress on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Your employer also has access to other wellness support tools.

Am I eligible for Wellness Program? You have access to the Wellness Program if you are an EmblemHealth subscriber (you receive your health benefits directly from your employer and not as a dependent on someone else's policy) and if your employer is experience-rated (it has more than 50 employees).

When you sign in, our system will automatically recognize whether you are eligible for Wellness Program. If you are, you will see information on "Health Risk Assessment and Coaching" and "Health Trackers." There you will also find links to the online resources portion of Wellness Program.