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Baby & Me: The Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Newborn Care

Every pregnancy is different. Even if you have been pregnant before, there are always questions that you want to ask. GHI would like to help you find answers.

As an expectant mother, we would like to send you the book Baby & Me: The Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Newborn Care. This informative book can help you plan a healthy pregnancy, learn what questions to ask your doctor or midwife and find out what you need to care for your newborn. To request a copy of this book, please fill out the form below or call 1-866-260-2043.

After your baby is born, be on the lookout for your Welcome Home kit. It will include additional information about caring for your new baby and yourself during those crucial first weeks.

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Pregnancy Information Available to All GHI Members
We have also posted important educational material on pregnancy and motherhood on our Web site. We hope you find it helpful.