Monthly Wellness Program Rewards Drawing Activity Parameters

For keeping up healthy habits, like getting a flu shot or age-appropriate checkup, you can earn entries into a monthly drawing valued at $500. Following are the key activities that are eligible for rewards drawing entries.

Wellness Drawing Activity Measure Age Frequency Notes
1. Go For Age Appropriate Check Ups Preventive Visits 19-39 One every 3 years  
40-49 One every 2 years
50+ Annually
Cervical Cancer Screening / HPV screening 21-65 One every 3 years
Screening Mammogram 50-74  One every 2 years
40-50 One baseline between the ages of 40 - 50 
Colorectal Cancer Screening 50-75 Colonoscopy every  10 years or;
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy every  5
 years or;
FOBT/FIT  annually
Cologuard screening every 3 years 
Wellness Drawing Activity Measure Compliance Requirement Frequency Notes
2. Complete appropriate Chronic Condition Activities Asthma Member can earn 1 additional entry for EACH activity:
 (1) Completing member goals (factsheet or survey in Conifer (Change Conifer to Wellness Portal), or engage in on-going case management)
(2) Physician visit for chronic condition management (claims based)
Annually Member will receive 1 entry any time they complete each activity (yearly).  

If the member has multiple conditions, the member would be eligible to earn additional drawing entries for each requirement completed.

Example: Jeff has asthma. In May 2019, he agrees to participate in Case Management. He will earn an entry beginning in May 2019, and for each month until the end of the calendar year. He also goes for a Physician visit for his Asthma in June 2019. The claim is processed in August. He will earn an additional entry beginning in June 2019 (and for each month until the end of the year) for going to the doctor his his asthma. 
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Heart Disease/ Heart Failure
Diabetes (Type 1 or 2)