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HIP Prime POSWith HIP Prime POS, you get most of the same in-network features as the HIP Prime HMO plan. For example, with this plan you choose a primary care physician (PCP) who will manage and oversee your care, including administering referrals to network specialists and arranging for hospital stays. This plan is offered to City active employees and non-Medicare retirees.

With HIP Prime POS you also have the choice of getting covered care from doctors and health care providers who are out of the network.

Key Plan Features

HIP Prime POS gives you low out-of-pocket costs along with the freedom to choose out-of-network providers. You get:

  • Coverage for out-of-network services
  • Coverage of in-network services
  • Low out-of-pocket costs
  • Low copays for in-network services
  • Value-added wellness and disease management programs

The information in this section is intended to provide general information and highlights regarding the HIP Prime POS plan. It does not provide a complete benefit description. HIP Prime POS Plan coverage is subject to all terms, conditions and limitations contained in the certificate of insurance. Refer to HIP policy form 155-23-GRPHMO (3/99) and 200-23-GRPPOL (9/99).

Emblem Behavioral Health Services Program

Members can call
1-888-447-2526 to seek advice about mental health and substance abuse treatment. This phone line is administered by ValueOptions.