Pharmacy Center for HIP Prime POS
For City of New York Employees and Retirees

City employees can add the following in-network benefits to their HIP Prime POS plan through a payroll deduction:

  • Prescription drugs on the Premier Formulary (for $10 generic and $35 brand drugs from network retail drug stores). Formulary copays are reduced by 50 percent when utilizing the Mail Order Pharmacy Services for home delivery.

  • Note: Durable medical equipment and private duty nursing are part of the base POS plan. No rider is needed.
Download the list of the most commonly prescribed drugs that are on the Premier Formulary Download (PDF)

Retail Pharmacy

To use the retail pharmacy service, present your ID card at any participating pharmacy nationwide. Most major drug store chains (e.g., Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid, Target and Walmart) are part of your plan. The retail pharmacy should be used when filling a prescription for short-term (a 30-day supply or less) medications.

Find a pharmacy.

Set Up Home Delivery and Refills

Using Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI), our home-delivery pharmacy, you can have your approved long-term medications (maintenance drugs) mailed right to your home.

Examples of maintenance drugs are medications used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and heartburn. There is no difference between drugs delivered by ESI and those you pick up at your walk-in pharmacy.

Find out more about the benefits of home delivery and how to enroll in the service.

Get Forms and Other Important Information

Download copies of claims forms.

Open the Pharmacy Glossary to understand pharmacy-related terms you need to know.

Find out what you need to know about your medications to keep you and your family safe.

Contact Numbers

Pharmacy Benefit Services

1-800-447-8255, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm

For questions about home delivery of prescription drugs


To fax a new prescription for home delivery to ESI

Your doctor should call 1-800-305-5287 for instructions.