Talk to Doctors Anytime!

Telemedicine* offers immediate access to doctors who provide convenient non-urgent medical care via a computer, mobile device or phone. Telemedicine shouldn’t be used if you need emergency care or a biometric screening (like a BMI [body mass index] or blood pressure check), or if your care requires a review of your medical records or X-rays. This service is a covered benefit for active federal employees, eligible dependents and retirees.


Telemedicine is in-network care, but it doesn’t replace the care of your primary doctor. Only your doctor can provide the full range of care to meet your health needs.

*Telemedicine is administered by Amwell

Eligibility for Telemedicine

You are covered for Telemedicine if you have one of the following EmblemHealth plans:

  • An Individual health plan under the FEHB GHI and HIP programs
  • A Family health plan under the FEHB GHI and HIP programs

Here's How Telemedicine Works

Any time of day, 365 days a year, you can use a computer, mobile device or phone to:

  • Get non-urgent medical care for $10: Talk with doctors who practice primary care, family medicine and more. They can review your history with you, answer your questions, diagnose and treat medical conditions and prescribe certain medicines.*
  • Talk to a registered dietitian (RD) for $5: Together you can review nutrition information and create personalized meal plans, grocery lists and recipes. RDs cannot prescribe drugs.

When Would I Use Telemedicine?

  • I feel sick and don't want to leave home.
  • My doctor isn't free to see me.
  • My schedule is busy.
  • There’s no wait; I can connect right now.
  • I just moved and don’t know local doctors.
  • I’m out of town and need a doctor's advice.

When Wouldn't I Use Telemedicine?

  • I need emergency care.
  • I need a biometric screening, such as a BMI (body mass index) or blood pressure check.
  • My care requires a review of my health records or X-rays.

Register Today!

Take these steps to use your Telemedicine services:

  1. Register online or download the Amwell app for iOS or Android. When registering:
    • Enter EmblemHealth as your Group Key.
    • Members indicate “EmblemHealth” as your health plan.
    • Provide your member ID number.
  2. Choose a doctor from any doctor available in your state. You can review their backgrounds and see how they are rated before making your choice.
  3. Consult with the doctor using a computer, mobile device or phone.
  4. Follow up at no cost. You can choose to email the doctor securely after your appointment. A complete record of your talk will be saved to your account.


Call EmblemHealth Customer Service at the number on the back of your member ID card.

* Telemedicine prescriptions apply only in US states where they are allowed, including New York State. In other states, you may not be able to get prescriptions through the Telemedicine benefit.