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Introducing EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care

New York is our home. We began offering health care to New Yorkers 75 years ago and we're still here providing quality health care coverage and administrative services to approximately 2.8 million people. Because it's our home, we want to make our communities healthier and happier places to be. We are bringing a new type of care to our communities EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care in Harlem and Cambria Heights, Queens, and more to come. We offer access to community-based or EmblemHealth resources to ensure your patients understand and comply with your treatment plans and to help the community navigate the health care system and stay healthy.

We bring EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care to life with a result-oriented staff looking to remove as many obstacles as possible to allow our neighbors to focus on their health and well-being. Between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm, EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care is there for our members and other members of the community with connections to information and solutions for better health outcomes.

EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Is Open to Everybody

While our services are for EmblemHealth members, we invite everyone from the community to take a tour of EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care. While there, the community can:

  • Take a health risk survey
  • Link to community-based services
  • Learn about available free programs
  • Measure BMI
  • Use our health and wellness library
  • Take health and wellness classes

    . . . and more

We Are Showing What Care Feels Like

Here are just two examples of the kind of care and assistance we can offer Harlem and Cambria Heights patients and community residents at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care:

  • A community resident visited EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care to obtain assistance for a friend whose spouse was terminally ill. The Health Care Solutions Specialist provided information about available workshops. The woman was so impressed with the care and information she received that she enrolled in one of our EmblemHealth Medicare plans.
  • A couple expecting a child came in for information about our EmblemHealth plans. The man did not have health insurance. The pregnant woman had Medicaid but was concerned that she had a high-risk pregnancy. Both were hungry. The Health Care Solutions Specialist gave them a care package. In addition, the man was shown how to enroll in one of our EmblemHealth plans and the woman was enrolled in an EmblemHealth Medicaid plan and given a counseling appointment through our Healthy Beginnings PATH program for expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies. The woman expressed her profound appreciation and even mentioned that she would give a tip if she could! She said that she would definitely stop in again to visit or if she had more questions.


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