Winter 2012 
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Provider Directory Validation Survey Begins

Upcoming Medical Record Audits for 2012


Claims Corner

Medicare and Medicaid Benefit Changes for 2012

Emblem Behavioral Health Services Program Underway

More Information on ICD-10

Good Notices for our Medical Manual on Religio-Cultural Competence

Behind the Scenes


Introducing Patient Health Profiles

Adolescent Immunizations

Vaccines For Children

Flu: It’s Not Too Late to Vaccinate

Medication Safety and Adherence

Health and Wellness Programs

Clinical Corner

News&Notes Archive

More Information on ICD-10

More ICD-10 materials are now available on our Web site to help your practice transition to this new coding system. In August 2011, CMS conducted a teleconference, National Provider Call on ICD-10 Implementation Strategies. The teleconference addressed ways practices can prepare for the change to ICD-10. If you missed the teleconference, you can review the content, presented as podcasts, transcripts and slides.

Continue to check our Web page Getting Ready for ICD-10 Together, where we will post additional resources as they become available. Look for the ICD-10 button for more ICD-10 material.

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