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Introducing Patient Health Profiles

In early 2012, EmblemHealth will launch a coordinated, personalized communication program for both practitioners and members. Selected practitioners will receive notification of the month when a preventive-care visit should be scheduled for their EmblemHealth patients, based on the date of the patient's 2011 well visit. A list of patients will be included for each practitioner.

A physician's recommendation for screening is an important factor in whether that patient undergoes screening. Please use the patient roster enclosed with the notification to contact your patients and set up a preventive-care visit.

A few months before the anniversary of their 2011 well visit, EmblemHealth will also send members a letter encouraging them to schedule a well/preventive-care visit in 2012, and to make sure they receive important immunizations, screenings and counseling. Six months later, we will send a reminder to members who still have gaps in care. Before year's end, we will conduct a telephone call campaign encouraging members who have not yet completed their well/preventive-care visit to schedule one as soon as possible.

We are undertaking this multitouch method with a single focus on preventive care to support your efforts to improve your patients' adherence with accepted preventive care guidelines.

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