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Adolescent Immunizations

We would like to remind our pediatric practitioners of the importance of adolescent patients being up to date with their immunizations. These immunizations include Tdap/Td, MCV4 and HPV. If you are not sure of a teen's immunization history, please contact the Citywide Immunization Register (CIR) for practices in New York City and New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) for practices outside New York City.

While healthy teens may not come to your office for routine care, it is important to view any office visit as an opportunity to vaccinate your patients. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have indicated it is safe to give the Tdap/Td and MCV4 vaccines at the same visit using different injection sites. Please discuss the benefits these vaccines offer with both teens and parents.

Health care practitioners in New York City are mandated to report vaccines administered to children under the age of 19 to the CIR or call 1-212-676-2323. Instructions and additional information are available online.

For health care practices outside of New York City, immunizations must be reported to NYSIIS or call them at 1-866-389-0371. The NYSIIS Web site also has instructions and resources available.

Vaccines for Children
Children under the age of 19, who are enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care or Child Health Plus, are covered by the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. We will not reimburse physicians for vaccines, including flu vaccines, covered by the program. Where applicable, we will pay for administering the vaccination. Physicians who care for these populations may enroll and obtain vaccines at no cost through the VFC program.

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