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Provider Directory Validation Survey Begins

Upcoming Medical Record Audits for 2012


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Medicare and Medicaid Benefit Changes for 2012

Emblem Behavioral Health Services Program Underway

More Information on ICD-10

Good Notices for our Medical Manual on Religio-Cultural Competence

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Adolescent Immunizations

Vaccines For Childrens

Flu: It’s Not Too Late to Vaccinate

Medication Safety and Adherence

Health and Wellness Programs

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Health and Wellness Programs

Your patients may be eligible to participate in one of our health management programs, known collectively as PATH, Positive Actions Toward Health. The PATH programs for living better with chronic illness include diabetes care, better breathing for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart care for coronary artery disease and heart failure. For program and enrollment information, view the links below:

We also offer Wellness Programs as part of our PATH programming to help your patients maintain or improve their good health. For program and enrollment information, view the links below:

All of our PATH programs are confidential and available at no cost to your patients. The programs complement the care you provide and strive to help your patients understand and manage their health conditions as well as their health in general.

*A New Way to Enroll Members into Healthy Beginnings PATH
The Healthy Beginnings PATH Pregnancy Management Program offers pregnant members a 24/7 nurse resource line, print and online educational materials and access to a maternity nurse case manager if their pregnancy is high risk.

Obstetric offices can now enroll EmblemHealth members directly into the Healthy Beginnings PATH program using a fast-fax form. The form can be completed during a prenatal visit and faxed to us by your office staff. It's quick and easy! Healthy Beginnings will then reach out to your patient by mail and telephone to be sure she gets enrolled and receives all the support and educational benefits the program offers.

You may have also received our Healthy Beginnings PATH poster to hang in your office and handouts for your EmblemHealth members. The handout gives our members information on how to enroll.

To enroll a member in the program, use the fast-fax form or call 1-877-736-2229. To refer a member for high-risk case management, or for questions, call 1-888-447-0337.

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