Your Role and Our Role

Labor SASThe EmblemHealth SAA program keeps your Health Fund in control of members benefits and allows you to take advantage of our operational expertise.

We will seamlessly integrate the SAA program into your existing medical plan. Our professional and highly experienced account managers will provide ongoing support how and when you need it.

Here's how your Fund and EmblemHealth work together for a well-run health plan that focuses on your members and keeps your costs down.

Your Taft-Hartley Fund/TPA Will Provide: EmblemHealth Will Provide:
Member Services Out-of-Network
Provider Services
Spacer In-Network
Provider Services
Customer service Care management Spacer Care management
Enrollment process Utilization management Spacer Utilization management
Enrollment and eligibility maintenance Prior authorizations Spacer Prior authorizations
ID card issuance Claims adjudications Spacer Claims adjudications
Explanation of benefits issuance Claims payments Spacer Claims payments
Benefit file maintenance Explanation of payments Spacer Explanation of payments

Spacer Medical record reviews

Spacer Customer service

Spacer Provider directory and lookup

Spacer Network management