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Monthly Provider Directory Updates

Monthly provider directory updates include recent additions, deletions and changes to the provider network. A group of health care professionals or facilities, such as hospitals, that contract with EmblemHealth for all the counties.

Monthly Provider Directory Updates Download (PDF)
HMO Provider Directory Updates 02/26/2019

Full Provider Directories

HMO Provider Directories Download (PDF)
Bronx 01/01/19
Kings 01/01/19
Nassau 01/01/19
New York 01/01/19
Orange and Rockland 01/01/19
Queens 01/01/19
Richmond 01/01/19
Suffolk 01/01/19
Westchester 01/01/19
Hudson Valley

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Things to consider prior to submitting a request

  • For information on selecting your directories please view the Provider and Pharmacy Directory Guide
  • Due to the size of the directories, your directory may be undelivered. However, for your convenience, our Customer Service representatives will work with you to mail a few pages of the directory.
  • If you use a PO Box as your mailing address, the directory requested may be too large to be placed in your mailbox, and you may have to pick up your mail at the PO Window.


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