Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are usually injectable, oral or inhaled drugs. They are used to treat chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, growth deficiencies, hepatitis C and cancer. They also require special storage and/or handling. You have the choice of filling your specialty drug prescription using one of the following options:

EmblemHealth’s Specialty Pharmacy Program

Your specialty prescriptions can be filled through EmblemHealth Specialty Pharmacy Program or at a network retail pharmacy.

  • Current Prescriptions
    Filling your specialty prescriptions via EmblemHealth’s Specialty Pharmacy Program is very easy. Please call 1-866-554-2673 to refill any specialty medications we already are providing you. After January 1, 2019, please call 855-216-2166.
  • New Prescriptions
    For new specialty medications you have not taken before, have your doctor or other health care professional contact Accredo, our Specialty Pharmacy provider, at 855-216-2166 and your prescriptions will be filled and sent directly to your home or doctor’s office.
  • A Network Retail Pharmacy
    You may take your specialty drug prescription to any EmblemHealth network pharmacy that agrees to be part of our Specialty Pharmacy network. Call our customer service department or your pharmacy to find out if your pharmacy is part of our Specialty Pharmacy network. For more information about how to fill your specialty drug prescription at a network retail pharmacy, please call EmblemHealth Pharmacy Customer Services at 1-888-447-7364.

To view a list of retail pharmacies that participate in our specialty pharmacy network, click here.

If you, your representative, or doctor have any questions or would like to learn more about EmblemHealth’s Specialty Pharmacy Program, please call 1-888-447-7364.