The "Pluses" of our new HMOs: Coming in 2017

EmblemHealth HMO Plus

  • EmblemHealth HMO Plus is a traditional HMO with the addition of an upfront deductible – which must be satisfied before copayments are applied.
  • The deductible covers most services with the exceptions of those provided by a Primary Care Physician (PCP), preventive and maternity services, outpatient mental health/substance abuse care and diabetic equipment.
EmblemHealth HMO Preferred Plus

  • EmblemHealth HMO Preferred Plus combines a traditional HMO offering with a tiered benefit and upfront deductible.
  • In addition to the features of EmblemHealth HMO Plus, the cost sharing applied to most professional services is based on the Primary Care Physician (PCP) selected by the member.
  • Selecting a PCP from our list of Preferred Providers means lower copays for most professional services; selecting a non-Preferred Provider still provides in-network services but at a higher copay.
Look for more information as we get closer to our launch date.

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