Engaging Members and Reducing Long-Term Health Costs With New Web Apps

BF Member Web Apps We've just added more value to our members' online experience with two new virtual health management tools that complement our suite of industry-recognized wellness programs. The two web applications, the Compass and Health Journeys, are available to members on emblemhealth.com, and when used together, can help members take meaningful steps to improve their overall health and ultimately reduce health care costs.

Compass: Setting the Course to a Healthy Life

The Compass is EmblemHealth's new health assessment tool. It collects the user's data through a series of questions that evaluate their physical, mental and social health then generates a personalized assessment accompanied by a Health Score. The assessment establishes a baseline of health risks and indicates health improvement opportunities.

Health Journeys: Making Every Step Count

Health Journeys analyzes the results generated by the Compass and creates a customized action plan for the user. The program uses adaptive technology — continually recommending a set of next steps to each participant based on their profile and preferences.

Each unique action plan aims to help reshape habits surrounding nutrition and stress/energy, as well as improve biometric risks (blood pressure, cholesterol) and promote better self-management of chronic conditions (diabetes, asthma, heart disease). Health Journeys also engages members via email or text messages to help keep them on track with their personalized goals.

Healthy Choices = Healthy Budget

When used in conjunction, the Compass and Journeys offer a coaching experience for members that encourages good health choices. Studies have shown that engaging members to take action to enhance their health can reduce their use of health care services and help keep health care costs down.

Please share this valuable information with your groups, and encourage them to explore the many resources available to their members and administrators when they sign in to their account at emblemhealth.com.

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