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DentalEmblemHealth Preferred Dental is an affordable PPO dental plan that allows large group employers to complete their employees’ benefits packages with 100% reimbursement for covered services performed by network dentists or specialists.

For many families with typical PPO dental coverage, even one complex dental procedure, such as a crown, root canal or surgical wisdom tooth extraction can result in an overwhelming bill.

With EmblemHealth Preferred Dental, members would be covered in full for these and other medically necessary dental procedures. That's because unlike many other PPO dental plans that only offer preventive coverage or otherwise require high coinsurance, EmblemHealth Preferred Dental covers 100 percent of costs for in-network preventive and complex procedure costs once any applicable deductible is met.

A Dental Network You Can Count On

EmblemHealth Preferred Dental features a strong, NCQA-accredited PPO network consisting of more than 8,000 general dentists and specialists in New York and New Jersey.

Members can choose from any of our network dentists and specialists without ever needing a referral. Members can even receive reimbursement for covered services performed by out-of-network dentists based on the plan's in-network allowance.

A Valuable Benefit Offering

EmblemHealth Preferred Dental has been the plan of choice for decades for nearly half a million New Yorkers across the state. We invite you to learn more about this unique offering — explore EmblemHealth Preferred Dental's benefits and coverage options on our website, or view this Did You Know flyer for some quick facts.

Contact your sales representative today and help your large group clients build the EmblemHealth Preferred Dental plan that keeps their employees smiling.

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