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New Sales ResourcesEmblemHealth offers small and large groups quality, affordable health coverage. We appreciate the vital role that you, our business partners play in helping members obtain the type of coverage they need.

To help you guide your clients to the best plan for their group, we’ve created two new brochures around our small and large group commercial portfolios.

The small group brochure highlights the benefits and services of our three new HMO plans for downstate groups with up to 50 eligible employees. It also includes information on our Select Care network, AdvantageCare Physicians, and valuable wellness resources and online tools.

In addition to outlining the plans and services we offer to groups of over 50 employees, our new large group brochure itemizes our range of available cost-sharing options.

The thumbnails below open PDF versions of the brochures, but we are also happy to send a stock of professionally printed pieces to your office. To request these brochures in print, please contact your sales representative.

Small Group Brochure

Large Group Brochure

Further Business Support Is on Its Way This Summer

EmblemHealth values your partnership, and we want you to know about upcoming marketing efforts we’re making with your business in mind. This summer, we will launch an outreach campaign to small business prospects located near select AdvantageCare Physician offices to let them know that quality, affordable health care for their employees is right in their neighborhood. EmblemHealth will also work with local business-related non-profits to sponsor four educational seminars on health insurance options for small businesses.

We hope these communications efforts will encourage local small business to contact their brokers to learn more about EmblemHealth’s plan offerings. If you have any questions, please contact your EmblemHealth representative.

Small Group Sales Sheet

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