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Rosiglitazone-containing Diabetes Medicines: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Eliminates the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)
Baclofen Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient from Taizhou Xinyou Pharmaceutical and Chemical: FDA Statement - FDA Warns of Potential Contamination
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA revises labels of SGLT2 inhibitors for diabetes to include warnings about too much acid in the blood and serious urinary tract infections
FDA takes action to protect consumers from potentially dangerous dietary supplements
Insulet Corporation Issues Field Safety Notification of OmniPod Insulin Management System
FDA Drug Safety Podcast: FDA review finds long-term treatment with blood-thinning medicine Plavix (clopidogrel) does not change risk of death
FDA working with manufacturers to resolve challenges with the Clozapine REMS Program
FDA Announces Glades Drugs' Nationwide Voluntary Recall Of Compounded Multivitamins Containing High Amounts Of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA advises of rare cases of underactive thyroid in infants given iodine-containing contrast agents for medical imaging
Acetaminophen Tablets by Medline Industries: Recall - Mislabeling with Incorrect Strength
Plavix (clopidogrel): Drug Safety Communication - Long-term Treatment Does Not Change Risk of Death
Entacapone: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Review Found No Increased Cardiovascular Risks
Auvi-Q (epinephrine injection, USP): Recall - Potential Inaccurate Dosage Delivery
Kayexalate (sodium polystyrene sulfonate): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Requires Drug Interaction Studies
FDA alerts health care professionals not to use sterile drug products from Qualgen
Hepatitis C Treatments Viekira Pak and Technivie: Drug Safety Communication - Risk of Serious Liver Injury
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns that DPP-4 inhibitors for type 2 diabetes may cause severe joint pain
Avycaz (ceftazidime and avibactam): Drug Safety Communication - Dose Confusion and Medication Errors
Clozapine: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Modifies Monitoring for Neutropenia; Approves New Shared REMS Program
Invokana and Invokamet (canagliflozin): Drug Safety Communication - New Information on Bone Fracture Risk and Decreased Bone Mineral Density
Refresh Lacri-Lube, Refresh P.M., FML 0.1 Percent and Blephamide 10 Percent/0.2 Percent by Allergan: Recall - Particulate Matter
Medistat RX Sterile Drug Products: Recall - Possible Contamination
US Compounding, Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Sterile Compounded Products
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA evaluating the risks of using the pain medicine tramadol in children aged 17 and younger
Adrucil (fluorouracil injection, USP) 5 g/100 mL (50 mg/mL) by Teva Parenteral Medicines: Recall - Particulate Matter
Compounded Drugs Stored in Becton-Dickinson (BD) 3 ml and 5 ml Syringes: FDA Warning - Do Not Use
Brintellix (vortioxetine) and Brilinta (ticagrelor): Drug Safety Communication - Name Confusion
Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets by Unichem Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc: Recall - Potential Presence of Foreign Tablets Contamination
Picato (ingenol mebutate) Gel: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Warns of Severe Adverse Events, Requires Label Changes
0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection, USP (AUTO-C) by Baxter International: Recall - Potential For Leaking Containers, Particulate Matter and Missing Port
0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, 50mL and 100mL by Baxter: Recall - Particulate Matter
Codeine Cough-and-Cold Medicines in Children: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Evaluating Potential Risk of Serious Side Effects
Non-aspirin Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Strengthens Warning of Increased Chance of Heart Attack or Stroke
Proglycem (diazoxide): Drug Safety Communication - Reports of Pulmonary Hypertension in Infants and Newborns
Calcium Chloride Intravenous Infusion 10% w/v 10mL Prefilled Syringe by Mylan: Market Withdrawal - Difficulties in Administration
FDA warns consumers who purchase Diazepam online of potentially serious counterfeiting issue
Unapproved Prescription Ear Drop (Otic) Products: Not FDA Evaluated for Safety, Effectiveness and Quality
Daytrana Patch (methylphenidate transdermal system): Drug Safety Communication - Permanent Skin Color Changes
Potiga (ezogabine): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Determines 2013 Labeling Adequate to Manage Risks of Retinal Abnormalities, Potential Vision Loss, and Skin Discoloration
Mylan is Expanding its Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Select Lots of Injectable Products Due to the Presence of Particulate Matter
FDA warns that SGLT2 inhibitors for diabetes may result in a serious condition of too much acid in the blood
Zerbaxa (ceftolozane and tazobactam): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Cautions About Dose Confusion and Medication Errors
Intravenous (IV) Solutions (Select Lots) by Baxter: Recall - Potential Presence of Particulate Matter
Flurbiprofen-Containing Topical Pain Medications: FDA Alert - Illnesses and Deaths in Pets Exposed to Prescription Topical Pain Medication
Mucinex Fast-MAX Products: Recall - Incorrect Labeling
Injectable Products by Mylan: Recall - Presence of Particulate Matter
Bupivacaine HCl Injection by Hospira: Recall - Iron Oxide Particulate In Glass Vials
Adrucil (fluorouracil Injection, USP) 5 g/100 mL (50 mg/mL): Recall - Particulate Matter
0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, 250 mL VisIV Container by Hospira: Recall - Particulate Matter
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA strengthens warnings and changes prescribing instructions to decrease the risk of serious allergic reactions with anemia drug Feraheme (ferumoxytol)
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns of serious slowing of the heart rate when antiarrhythmic drug amiodarone is used with hepatitis C treatments containing sofosbuvir Harvoni or Sovaldi in combination with another Direct Acting Antiviral drug
FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA review of study sheds light on two deaths associated with the injectable schizophrenia drug Zyprexa Relprevv (olanzapine pamoate)
FDA warns consumers about the potential health risks of over-the-counter asthma products labeled as homeopathic
Hospira Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of One Lot of Lactated Ringer's Irrigation Due to Mold Contamination
Chantix (varenicline): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Updates Label to Include Potential Alcohol Interaction
Hospira Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of One Lot of Magnesium Sulfate in 5% Dextrose Injection Due to Incorrect Barcode Labeling
Atracurium Besylate Injection by Sagent Pharmaceuticals: Recall - Potential Impact on Product Sterility
Testosterone Products: - FDA Cautions About Using Testosterone Products for Low Testosterone Due to Aging; Requires Labeling Change to Inform of Possible Increased Risk of Heart Attack And Stroke
Colistimethate for Injection USP, 150 mg and Rifampin for Injection USP, 600 mg/vial by Heritage Pharmaceuticals: Recall - Lack of Sterility Assurance
Tuberculosis Outbreak in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Ketorolac Tromethamine Injection by Hospira: Recall - Particulate in Glass Vials
Quick Guide to When to Prescribe a Flu Antiviral
Antiviral Treatment for Influenza Infection
Hospira Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of One Lot of 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, Due to Particulate Matter
CDC Advisory: Multistate Measles Outbreak
Virazole (Ribavirin Powder For Solution) (Valeant pharmaceuticals): Recall- Microbial Contamination
CDC: Update on Treatment of Influenza With Antiviral Medications
Emergency Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Can Prevent HIV Infection
NYC DOHMH: Influenza Advisory
Practi-0.9% Sodium Chloride IV bags & Practi-0.9% Sodium Chloride IV bags filled with sterile distilled water
Prescription and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Pain Medicines: Drug Safety Communication - FDA Review of Possible Risks of Pain Medicine Use During Pregnancy
Fourth case of neonatal herpes infection after ritual Jewishcircumcision in NYC in 2014
0.9 Percent Sodium Chloride Injection USP mini bag Container by Baxter: Recall - Particulate Matter
Ziprasidone (Geodon and Generics): Drug Safety Communication - Rare But Potentially Fatal Skin Reaction
Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) by Biogen Idec: Drug Safety Communication - Case of Rare Brain Infection PML Reported
Gabapentin Capsules, USP 300 mg, by Aurobindo Pharma USA: Recall - Empty Capsules
Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection by Baxter: Recall - Mislabeled Overpouch
Intravia Containers by Baxter: Recall - Particulate Matter
Lidocaine HCI Injection, USP 10 MG Per ML, 30 ML Single-Dose, Preservative-Free, by Hospira: Recall - Particulate Matter
Assured Brand Naproxen Sodium Tablets by Contract Packaging Resources, Inc.: Recall - Packaging Mix-Up
Vancomycin Hydrochloride for Injection US Recall - Uncontrolled Storage During Transit
Ketorolac Tromethamine Injection Recall - Incorrect Labeling
Outbreak of Shigellosis in Borough Park and Williamsburg
CDC: Potential for Circulation of Drifted Influenza A (H3N2) Viruses
NYC DOHMH: First Presumed Case of Ebola in NYC
For steps to take with potential patients, please use the Ebola Virus Disease Evaluation Algorithm from the NYCDOHMH
New York State Ebola Preparedness Plan Designates Eight Hospitals to Provide Care
NYC DOHMH: Assess Fall Risk Annually in Patients Age 65 and Older
CDC: Acute Neurologic Illness With Focal Limb Weakness of Unknown Etiology in Children
City Health Information: Diagnosing and Managing Hepatitis C
CDC: Severe Respiratory Illness Associated With Enterovirus D68
Enterovirus D-68 Infections in Children in NYC
Cubist Pharmaceuticals Issues Voluntary U.S. Recall Of CertainLots Of CUBICIN
NYC DOHMH: Update on Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa
Five Human Cases of West Nile Virus Identified in NYC in 2014
Three New Cases of Invasive Meningococcal Disease in NYC
Amgen Issues Voluntary Recall of Aranesp®
Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Evaluation Algorithm
Interim NYS/NYC Guidelines for Handling Ebola Virus Disease Specimens
Evaluating Patients for Ebola Virus Disease in New York City
CDC: Confirmed Cases of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria and Liberia
CDC: Guidelines for Evaluation of Suspected Ebola Virus in US Patients
NYC DOHMH: Increase in Adverse Events Associated With Synthetic Cannabinoids
NYC DOHMH: Pesticide Spraying in Queens to Reduce Mosquito Activity
NYC DOHMH: West Nile Virus
NYC DOHMH: New Cases of Neonatal Herpes Following Jewish Ritual Circumcision
NYC DOHMH: Invasive Meningococcal Disease in Men Who Have Sex With Men
Bayer Recalls Solutions
Lidocaine Viscous: Drug Safety Communication - Boxed Warning Required - Should Not Be Used to Treat Teething Pain
Over The Counter Topical Acne Products Drug Safety CommunicationOver-The-Counter Topical Acne Products: Drug Safety Communication - Rare But Serious Hypersensitivity Reactions
New WHO Polio Vaccination Requirements for Travelers
NYC DOHMH Reminder: Spring Tree Pollen Can Exacerbate Asthma in Some Patients
NYC DOHMH: Take a Travel History for Patients Hospitalized With Severe Acute Respiratory Illness
CDC: Confirmed Case of MERS-CoV in Indiana
Wockhardt Recalls over 109,000 Bottles of Hypertension Drug in U.S.(METOPROLOL)
Dobutamine Injection (250mg/20mL)/Hospira: Recall - Visible Particulates
Eszopiclone Containing Sleep Aids: Drug Safety Communication - Can Cause Next-Day Impairment Including Lunesta and generics
All manufacturers of prescription combination drug products with more than 325 mg of acetaminophen have discontinued marketing
NYC DOHMH Measles Outbreak FAQ
NYC DOHMH Measles Outbreak FAQ - Spanish version
NYC DOHMH Measles Update: Number of Cases Rises to 25
Revatio (sildenafil): Drug Safety Communication - FDA Clarifies Warning About Pediatric Use for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
NYC REACH Updates and Events
Effexor XR 150 Mg ER Caps/ generic (Greenstone): Recall - Possible Tikosyn Capsules
NYC DOHMH: Measles Cases Rise to 16 in NYC
NYC DOHMH: Mycobacterium Outbreak From Handling Raw Fish
NYC DOHMH: Six Cases of Measles in NYC
NYC DOHMH Advisory: Fentanyl-Associated Overdoses
Alert #2 – New case of neonatal herpes infection following ritual Jewish circumcision
Acetaminophen Prescription Combination Drug Products with more than 325 mg: FDA Statement - Recommendation to Discontinue Prescribing and Dispensing
January 25: Get a Free Flu Vaccine in Brooklyn
NYC REACH: Upcoming Health IT Events
CDC First Confirmed Human Case of H5N1 Virus in North America
Sodium Phosphate Over-the-Counter Products: Drug Safety Communication - Possible Harm From Exceeding Recommended Dose
New PegIntron Selectdose single-use, dual-chamber pre-filled pen injector
FDA Hepatitis Update - Changes to the Baraclude (entecavir) package and label
NYC DOHMH: Influenza Advisory
CDC: Early Reports of pH1N1-Associated Illnesses