Cardiology Imaging & Radiation Therapy Programs expand to GHI PPO October 1

Date Issued: 6/28/2019

EmblemHealth is partnering with eviCore to provide Utilization Management for GHI PPO commercial groups for Cardiology Imaging and Radiation Therapy. To start, SRPP will apply to non-City GHI PPO members who have been migrated to our new systems and have been given new member IDs. The ID will start with the letter “K” followed by a unique 8-digit number. The final two digits refer to the covered individual in relationship to the subscriber. As members renew their plans and are given new IDs, SSRP will apply.

Starting October 1, 2019, for transitioned members providers must contact eviCore for preauthorization at:

Web portal (preferred method):
Phone: 800-835-7064 or 866-889-8056
Fax: 800-540-2406

For additional information on obtaining preauthorization, please refer to the Cardiology Imaging and Radiation Therapy chapters of the Provider Manual.