New referral and approval formats introduced with system changes

As EmblemHealth continues to upgrade its technology in the coming months, you will see new numbering formats for our referral and preauthorization transactions.

These transactions will have nine digits and will be made up of numbers only.

  • On September 1, 2019, AdvantageCare Physicians will introduce “easy referrals” with the new numbering format.
  • Later this year, referrals and preauthorizations for EmblemHealth network providers will use the new numbering format.

These new formats are valid numbers that our claims systems will recognize.

There will be a transition period when the old numbers will be honored.

Here are the three types of referral numbers that you will see in the coming months.

Referral number formats Samples
The letters PF followed by 12 numbers PF997210789217
The letters QF followed by 12 numbers QF997210903217
New: nine numbers only 002008078