Reinforce the Importance of Postpartum Care

Postpartum CareEmblemHealth has noticed that some members do not consider postpartum care important. According to the NYSDOH, in 2013, more than 88 percent of women attended a prenatal visit during the first trimester, but fewer than 75 percent attended a postpartum visit.

Primary care physicians, pediatricians and specialists can help change this statistic. When a new mother visits your office, either for herself or her infant, you can ask if she has attended her postpartum appointment. This visit is in addition to the “stitch check” that new mothers who have had a C-section need. If not, remind her that she needs to be healthy in order to care for her baby and strongly encourage her to make an immediate appointment.

If you suspect that a new mother appears to be experiencing postpartum depression, encourage her to get help immediately by calling the Emblem Behavioral Health Services Program at 1-888-447-2526.

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