Maintaining an Ongoing Doctor-Patient Dialogue

Maintaining Ongoing DialogueEmblemHealth routinely communicates with our members to encourage preventive care and to help them manage chronic conditions. We recommend to our members — your patients — that they discuss the following topics with you (if applicable):

  • Early and regular prenatal care (about 14 times during pregnancy) and a postpartum visit (between 21 and 56 days after delivery)
  • Childhood immunizations
  • Annual preventive care (checkup, flu shot, etc.)
  • Routine screenings for breast, cervical, colorectal and skin cancers
  • Routine tests/screenings for people with diabetes (HbA1c, nephropathy, dilated retinal exam)
  • Blood pressure testing at home and in between doctors’ visits
  • Stability issues for those age 65 and older and the importance of physical activity to reduce fall risk
  • Medication adherence and resolving barriers to taking medications
  • Counseling and/or medication to help quit smoking
  • Urinary incontinence issues
  • Depression screening for adolescents, adults and those over age 65
  • Completing the Personal Health Questionnaire Depression Scale (PHQ-8) self-assessment sent to members with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder
  • Allowing for the release of information between medical and behavioral health providers

As you treat EmblemHealth members, we hope that you’ll use the many resources we have for members and for you on the provider website. To help you remain sensitive to your patients religious and cultural orientations, we developed a comprehensive guidebook – Religio-Cultural Competency, which is available free of charge on our website. Sign in to our secure provider website to download a copy. EmblemHealth plans are now identified by network. You can help your patients avoid out-of-network expenses by encouraging them to use in-network in and outpatient services and Quest Laboratories (our preferred lab). When their medical expenses are contained, patients are more likely to keep their appointments and stay on top of their health. And of course, members who are aware of their medical costs up front are also more likely to adhere to your recommendations. Encourage your patients to use the Treatment Cost Calculator (available post sign-in for members) — an easy-to-use reference to estimate out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays, deductibles, out-of-network charges, prescription drugs, etc.

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