Medicaid Smoking Cessation Outreach

Smoking Cessation OutreachIn 2015, EmblemHealth expects to identify nearly 15,000 Medicaid members who smoke. Members who wish to stop smoking will be directed to the New York State Smokers’ Quitline (NYSSQ) to learn about the state’s tobacco cessation program. This program offers one counseling session and two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) at no cost to New York State residents. EmblemHealth’s Tobacco Free PATH program provides additional support. This includes full coverage for smoking cessation medicine and one-on-one counseling for your patients who attempt to quit (up to twice within one year).

You have a great impact on your patients. They are more likely to take the proper steps toward a tobacco-free life if you advise them to quit. We’d like you to regard EmblemHealth as your partner in this undertaking. We will let you know which of your patients smoke and ask that you reinforce our outreach to these members by starting a discussion about smoking cessation at well and sick visits. Since studies demonstrate that smokers who use pharmacotherapy products can double their chances of quitting, we also ask that whenever appropriate, you recommend smoking cessation medication to these members.

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