Partner with Local Pharmacists to Boost Medication Adherence

As a clinician, you know that many elderly patients fail to take all their medicine as prescribed. Many have two or more illnesses and often take multiple medications, resulting in complex regimens and high out-of-pocket costs. Forgetfulness may also play a role.

Community pharmacists are a valuable and helpful resource. Although your patients might only see you twice a year, they are probably seeing their pharmacist more often. As a result, pharmacists have more opportunities to monitor how often patients have refilled prescriptions and whether or not they are stretching their medications. They may be able to recommend ways to simplify regimens or organize medications, such as through the use of a daily pill organizer. For patients with multiple dose medications, the pharmacist can affix an alarm to the medication’s packaging to remind patients that it is time to take a pill. Local pharmacists often have additional patient education resources about medications and medication adherence and can recommend services to help cover the cost of prescriptions.

Together, you and community pharmacists can increase medication adherence. It's a team effort.

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