Member Surveys In The Field

CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) surveys and the Qualified Health Plan surveys are in the field, having been mailed to a sample of randomly selected EmblemHealth members. The survey measures how well member expectations are being met with regard to access to primary and specialist services and care, provider and plan customer service, coordination of care, receipt of flu shots, advice regarding smoking cessation and more. Member responses to many of the questions are a direct reflection of the care received in your office. The survey results are also used in calculating Medicare Stars, Accreditation status, and can be publically reported.

Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) will also be mailed to some Medicare members. The survey assesses EmblemHealth's ability to maintain or improve the physical and mental health of our Medicare members over time. It also measures aspects of care specific to seniors such as discussing and treating urinary incontinence, discussing and modifying physical activity, managing fall risk and testing for osteoporosis.

CAHPS® and HOS results are important and publicized. Your office policies and interactions with your patients during 2014 impact patient satisfaction and the results of the surveys.

Going forward, here are some things you can do to help improve patient satisfaction:

  • Make it easy for your patients to schedule appointments for check-ups or routine care.
  • Listen to your patients’ concerns and show respect for what they have to say.
  • Include your patients in decisions about their health.
  • Explain things in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Ask your patients if they smoke, and offer assistance (medication or strategies) to quit smoking.
  • Ask your senior patients about urinary incontinence, falls and balance problems.
  • Talk to your senior patients about the benefits of physical exercise at every age.
  • Routinely assess your senior female patients for bone density testing and refer when needed.
  • Encourage flu vaccination.
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