The Importance of Member Experiences With Their Physicians

The quality of your interactions with your patients, our members, is reflected in the CAHPS survey results. The following survey categories address members' experiences with their physicians when obtaining care. It is in these categories that you can best help improve your patients' experience and their satisfaction with you and with EmblemHealth:

  • Getting Care Quickly: Qualifies members experience obtaining appointments with a doctor or specialist as quickly as needed.
  • How Well Doctors Communicate: Evaluates how well doctors explain things, show respect and listen to their patients.
  • Shared Decision Making: Asks if members were offered treatment options by their doctors.
  • Coordination of Care: Asks if doctors were informed and up to date on any care received from other health care practitioners.
  • Health Promotion and Education: Determines if members were offered specific information to prevent illness and improve health.

You Can Help

You can help us improve member satisfaction by

  • Seeing patients within 15 minutes of their appointment times
  • Having your office staff inform patients if you will be late for an appointment
  • Spending unhurried time with patients
  • Explaining medical matters in easy-to-understand terms
  • Involving the patient in treatment decisions
  • Giving patient written instructions for next steps

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