Breastfeeding Assistance for New Moms

Breastfeeding AssistanceEmblemHealth and the New York State Department of Health recommend that women exclusively breastfeed their infants until they are six months of age (no formula) and continue to breastfeed with the introduction of solid foods. To assist women in reaching this goal, we have made manual (E0602) and electric (E0603) breast pumps available to our members through participating vendors.*

Members should request a prescription for a breast pump from their prenatal care practitioner during their third trimester. After delivery, the member should contact one of the following participating durable medical equipment (DME) vendors:

The DME vendor will arrange for delivery of the pump. No prior approval is required.

The DME vendor will arrange for delivery of the pump. No prior approval is required for rentals of less than 90 days. All needed supplies are covered, but only one pump will be issued in a 12-month period.

Rental of a hospital-grade electric breast pump (E0604) is covered by EmblemHealth for mothers of babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) or with problems that prevent the baby from latching.* The practitioner should call us for prior approval of a 90-day rental. The breast pump and supplies will be provided by participating DME vendors. Review is required for subsequent 90-day rental periods.

Lactation Consultants can be a valuable asset to new moms learning to breastfeed and to help successfully overcome challenges to breastfeeding. Office or home visits by an International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner-certified lactation consultant are a covered benefit under many EmblemHealth plans. The member can contact Healthy Beginnings PATH at 1-888-447-0337 for assistance locating an approved lactation consultant. If you know a certified lactation consultant that is not a part of our networks, you may refer them to our Credentialing department.

*Manual and electric breast pumps are not a benefit for Family Health Plus and certain commercial plans. Sign in to our website to determine a patient’s eligibility and benefits.

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