EHNC Community Education

EHNC locations continue to offer classes and information sessions to help educate community residents about topics that impact their health.

Health Care Reform and Health Exchange Education Sessions
With the launch of the Affordable Care Act on October 1, there is an increased need to help educate the public about how they are affected by the new law. EHNC hosts learning and information sessions at the Harlem, Cambria Heights and Chinatown locations. The sessions help people understand how health care reform affects them directly, how to navigate NY State of Health — the state's health care marketplace website — to determine their eligibility for subsidies, and get their questions answered in a safe environment that is neither intimidating nor sales-oriented. These information sessions help minimize the number of questions your patients ask you about about health care reform.

Healthwise Workshops
Another way that EHNC is working to help the community is through Healthwise workshops that enable EmblemHealth members take a more active role in maintaining their health. These workshops do not take the place of medical care, but will instead provide participants with a Healthwise Handbook outlining medically sound information about 200 of the most common health problems they or a family member may face. The handbook can help determine when to seek medical treatment versus when self-care will suffice. The handbook also provides participants with a list of questions that can help them make the most of their doctor visits.

Asthma Education Classes
In addition, an asthma education initiative is launching at EHNC locations. The clinical teams at EHNC locations run asthma awareness classes and reach out to identified members of the community who may benefit from the class.

Caregiver Support at EHNC
Often people caring for a family member feel overwhelmed by the needs of the person they are caring for, or forget to take care of themselves. EHNC provides resources for family members who are caregivers to receive ongoing emotional support.

The Family Caregiver Support Group is a monthly session open to the public that provides helpful tips, tools and resources, as well as a safe and supportive place to find guidance, and the opportunity to share and learn from other family caregivers.

In addition, EHNC provides a monthly opportunity for all members of the community to meet one-on-one with Greg Johnson, EmblemHealth’s Director of Community Outreach and creator of the Care for the Family Caregiver Program. Greg has received numerous awards and recognition within the fields of health care, family caregiving and service to others. Family caregivers are welcome to meet with him directly for support and advice.