Kids Need Your Care

Kids CareIt is important for infants to have regular visits (at least 6 in the first 15 months) and yearly thereafter. Exams should include:

  • Screens for lead
  • Administration of vaccines
  • History and exam
  • Health and developmental history (physical and mental)
  • Anticipatory guidance

Children and their families should also be encouraged to visit the dentist at least yearly.

Every Office Visit Is an Opportunity

  • Take advantage to immunize and provide preventive services regardless of the visit reason. Sick visits and preventive services can be billed utilizing modifiers.
  • Review patient rosters periodically.
  • Use call back and reminder systems to increase visit rates and build your practice.

Please make sure all preventive services are billed using the appropriate codes:

  • For infants: 99381, 99382, 99391, 99392, 99461
  • For young children: 99382, 99383, 99392, 99393

    These efforts will improve attendance and help improve health outcomes for your pediatric patients, as well as ensure payment for your services.

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